I intend to sing your praises moving forward to our business network. We certainly have a lot of friends who would benefit from your skillsets and I would be more than happy to connect you with should the opportunity arise.

- Robert Jessup
Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

Aside from the technical savvy though, what I appreciate about Dave is simply the vibe working with him. It’s fun, productive, and enjoyable!”

- Allen Ford

You have defined what amazing volunteerism is all about. I don’t know if I can thank you enough for the quality work you’ve done on our website…

- Robert Jussup
Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa

Dave is my go-to WordPress developer!

- Allen Ford

Efficient, driven and reliable! More than a satisfied customer.

- Lenny Kuiper
LK Design


WordPress, HTML 5, CSS 3, and JQueryWeb Development

From simple, effective business websites to e-commerce stores, to advanced, content-managed, custom-content sites, I have over 10 years’ experience working with WordPress, building web projects in PHP and JavaScript, and making clients happy with the results.


Google Search, Twitter and FacebookSEO and Internet Presence

When everyone has a website, how do you stand out and get found? Whether you are looking to improve your ranking in the search engines, find new ways to engage your customers, or expand your reach through social media, I can help you devise a cost-effective plan to get the most out of your Internet presence.


Mobile, Like and IdeasConsulting 

Not sure how to approach your project? I’ve been in the tech business for almost 30 years, and have a deep understanding of how this stuff works. Plus, I’ve partnered with an amazing array of mobile gurus, design experts, and communication strategists… so between the lot of us we can help you define and manage your project.

About Dave

Dave Woodbridge

My first bit of programming was a little app I wrote on the family Commodore 64 to keep track of members of my elementary school gang – the T-Birds, of course. True: the program simply printed “Dave, Nikov, Steve, and Lorien” on the screen, but it set me on a path for life.
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My Intro to WordPress

In 2005, after 15 years of computer hardware and networking, I started working with WordPress blogs, managing the website support team and giving WordPress workshops for a firm that sold templated WordPress themes for real estate agents in Vancouver.

It was a whole new world where everyone was online, so every business needed a website. We were running WordPress 1.2.1 at that point, and were pioneers in the world of WordPress templates.

Social Media and Mobile

Since then the world has changed again: Smartphones and social media barely existed when I started with WordPress websites, and now they are critical components of every online strategy; sometimes even more important than the website itself.

During this transformative time I was working the front lines of both WordPress and mobile running BlackberryCool and other mobile-related blogs, while using the brand new social media tools to help promote our efforts.

Time to Get Out More

In 2010 I began freelancing as a web developer. To hone my skills I launched OutdoorOttawa – a pet project designed to get me on the ski hill and river a bit more often, too!

Since then I’ve built dozens and dozens of WordPress and non-WP websites, using my extensive experience and depth of knowledge to help clients navigate the constantly evolving online reality.


Here is a sample of some of my best projects – a few simple sites, some e-commerce projects, and a few more complicated and innovate designs.  Most of these were designed by one of my partners and passed to me for building. Select a category below or browse them all!



OutdoorOttawa is my pet project - a Facebook-style online community dedicated to exploring outdoor activities in and around Ottawa. A WordPress/BuddyPress combination, OutdoorOttawa has been online and evolving since 2009, and is often where try new coding experiments. OutdoorOttawa allows for multiple contributors to the blogs, photos and updates section, and is maxed-out for good SEO in the local area.


No Sense Being Tense

No Sense Being Tense is a branding idea that needed an online manifestation. A philosophy at it's core, the client wanted to deliver their message and help promote the brand. Strongvine designed this site.


Green Biscuit

The Green Biscuit guys wanted to combine an e-commerce store with a fan-fed community site, where visitors could buy different versions of their pavement puck, plus upload pics, videos and reviews of the product. The result, designed by Allen Ford, was an exciting and energetic website the client loved.


Duffield Design

This elegant e-commerce site designed by Lenny Kuiper brought the client's eco-friendly clothing to the masses.



BeFoodSafe needed to merge two existing, content-heavy sites into a single, easy-to-use, bilingual site with all the info still in tact. My clever partners at trueDOTdesign came up with an efficient design, and the Smart Search - a plain language search feature to provide answers on safe food practices.


Odyssey Consulting Institute

Odyssey Consulting needed a system to sign up new students to their online course, and a method for delivering course updates on the members' "Dashboard". For this site, I worked closely with the designer, Strongvine, to come up with a user-friendly and highly functional registration and course delivery system, all from within the WordPress back-end!



This simple but engaging site for one my partners, Shelley True from trueDOTdesign, presents all the relevant info on a single page, including a cool gallery, bio, and a contact info with a form. The vertical scrolling feature is quite trendy these days, and with lots of little sliders and animations, this design implements it with style.


Blair Gable Photography

This client wanted a unique portfolio showcase, so designer Strongvine came up with a full-width, horizontal scrolling slider - a challenge to get working across all browsers! The result was a beautiful site with clean lines.